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Helpful Tips

Our treatments can help with spiders, fleas, ticks and many other insects but we are targeting the mosquitoes.

With your help, you can extend each treatment and keep a continuous bug free yard by doing these following tips:

Eliminate Stagnant Standing Water

  • Keep landscaped ponds clean of algae and keep water moving

  • Keep clean water in bird baths and lawn ornaments

  • Empty buckets and other items that can collect rainwater such as tarps, wheelbarrows, garbage cans, plant dishes, dog bowls, buckets, etc.

  • Push aside puddles

  • Remove leaves and debris from gutters and downspouts


Control Tall Grass and Shrubbery Where Mosquitos Like to Live

We do not typically spray the grass (unless in some cases such as a special event like weddings and large out door parties were your guests will be) so we recommend keeping grass cut to a length of 5 inches or less.

If you have bug zappers, make sure it is kept on the outside or back corners of your property. These zappers attract the bugs, so keep them far from where you are hanging out and from entering your yard is best



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