FAQ’s After Treatment Suggestions



Suggestions after each treatment and until your next appointment

  • Stay off the treated area for 30 minutes or until dry. Leaving it undisturbed helps the application dry properly making it work more effectively.

  • Get rid of stagnant water. Make sure there's no standing water anywhere — on toys left out on the lawn, dog bowls, plates under your flowerpots or garbage in an open can. Ponds, bird baths, kiddie pools and improperly drained yards can also attract mosquitoes.

  • Inspect hidden spots. Keep your gutters cleaned of any wet leaves. Remove piles of sticks or logs and maintain corners of yards where grass may tend to grow taller then normal.

  • Keep your grass cut short. Mosquitoes hide in tall grass where it is cool and shaded. Trim overly grown bushes.

  • Properly place bug attracting traps. These mosquito traps are designed to help draw in the mosquitoes to get rid of them, avoid putting them close to where you will be at. Keeping them farther back in your yard helps make a barrier. 



  • Is the chemical sprayed safe for pets and people? The chemical we use is safe for pets and people. The main ingredient used in our chemical is similar to those used in flea / tick shampoos used on pets. The chemical we use has an ingredient that works by disrupting an insect's nervous system causing a weakened state followed by elimination. 

  • Will these treatments get rid of bugs forever? Hmmm, wouldn’t that be nice! No outdoor pest control company can guarantee 100% bug free. Our treatments will help reduce the mosquito, tick, flea, spider and other bug population on your property and will continue to minimize the bug population after every treatment.

  • Does the rain have a negative affect on treatments? No, the chemical we use does not break down easily with water, though you may notice more mosquitoes on your property after heavy rainfall or continues wet weather. Mosquitoes breed more rapidly when the environment is wet and humid. A mosquito can lay up to 300 eggs in just a cap full of water.

  • Do you come out and re-spray if we are not happy with the treatments? Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. If you are not happy with a treatment, we will add you to our next available appointment and re-spray.

  • What type of packages do you offer? With our past experience, we found coming out every 2 weeks is more effective in handling the rapid mosquito presence on properties. We also offer an every 3 weeks package.

  • How do you apply the treatments and how does it work? For smaller properties, a trained Applicator will walk around your property while carrying a backpack blower applying the treatments to all foliage, into trees, through bushes, around and under decks/patios, around play sets, along with all around your entire home. For bigger properties, we use a four wheeler, with tires safe for all yards, spraying more of the treatment with a much stronger blower. Both devices are very effective. When a mosquito come in contact to the sprayed surface, the chemical causes the bug’s nervous system to shut down.

  • How is pricing determined? Pricing is determined by the size of your property and if heavy foliage is present.

  • Do you offer specials or discounts? We do. We try to encourage neighbors/neighborhoods to get treated as well because the more areas we treat for mosquitoes, the less mosquitoes there will be. Call our office for more info.



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