Our treatments are applied either by ATV or our highly gas powered backpack applicator. Under certain circumstances, re-sprays will be applied at no charge, excluding one-time event treatments. Contact the office for restrictions. After each treatment, we ask that the sprayed area is not disturbed for at least 30 minutes or until dry.


Residents will receive an email the day before each treatment. Mosquito Pros can not be onsite if landscapers or other businesses are on the property, no exceptions. In the event a Mosquito Pros Applicator is asked to return another day or is sent away by resident or cannot access the property, a $15.00 on-site cancellation/return fee will be charged to the resident. In the case of weather conflicts (rain, strong winds, etc), Mosquito Pros will return to as close to the scheduled spray appointment as possible. Scheduled applications can change at any time without immediate notice. Mosquito Pros uses the most effective products to help reduce the amount of mosquito population, we do not guarantee against any mosquito born diseases. 


Our Mosquito Pros Applicators and Operators are licensed by the State of Illinois and trained by the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

Payment / Cancellation Policy

Mosquito Pros requires payment in full by the time of the first scheduled appointment for all packages. In some cases, a payment plan option can be granted. Acceptable payment methods: cash, check and credit card over the phone or our online payment system. Under no circumstances will Mosquito Pros refund any payment due to unused treatments. Rollover options are applied to the next season only. You may cancel any purchased package in writing before the season begins. Season begins May through the end of September.


In the event of any damage or other circumstances that might warrant a complaint against Mosquito Pros, a written letter must be submitted by mail to the owner/operators of the company in the same year/season as the found claim.


Fox River Grove, IL

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