Application Procedure

Our treatments are applied either by our highly gas powered backpack applicator or our ATV. We will spray the entire perimeter of the yard, around the home, including windows, doors and soffits. Around play areas, sitting areas and areas where heavy mosquito breeding might occur. After each treatment, we ask that the sprayed area is not disturbed for at least 30 minutes. Kids, people and pets should not be outside during these treatments. Any concerns the Applicator might notice will be emailed to the homeowner.

Mosquito Treatment Guarantee 

Our Number 1 promise is to make sure our customers are satisfied with our company.

There is no 100% guarantee that a company can get rid of every outdoor pest. Insects can fly from a neighbors yard and land on your arm, without landing on a treated area. In this case we will ask you to shake a tree branch located on your property to see if mosquitoes fly from it. If they do not, the pests are possibly coming from a nearby neighbor's yard. If a large amount of mosquitoes do fly from the shaken branch, the homeowner must contact the office within 24 hours after the last treatment to be granted a re-spray at no charge.

Scheduling & Appointments

Customers will receive an email the day before each treatment. If a Mosquito Pros Applicator cannot enter your property due to a locked gate, animal left outside or is asked to leave by homeowner, or if landscapers or other businesses are on the property, your appointment will be rescheduled to our next closets availability. This also applies in the case of weather conflicts (rain and strong winds). Scheduled applications can also change at any time without immediate notice. Any disputes or concerns must be addressed within 24 hours of a completed application.

Payment / Cancellation Policy

Mosquito Pros requires payment in full due by the first scheduled appointment for all packages. In some cases, a payment plan option can be granted. Acceptable payment methods: cash, check and credit card over the phone or our online payment system. Under no circumstances will Mosquito Pros refund any already used treatments. You may cancel at any time and will be reimbursed any unused purchased treatments. This must be in writing.


In the event of any damage or other circumstances that might warrant a complaint against Mosquito Pros, a written letter must be submitted by mail or email to the owner/operators of the company within 1 (one) week and within the same year/season as the found claim.