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Our experience and knowledge of mosquito breeding has grown tremendously every season. Each season has been different due to mother nature. The more rain, the more mosquitoes, the more treatments are recommended.

All of our spray packages are designed to help eliminate mosquitoes, ticks and other flying pests within their breeding period between 7-14 days. Mosquitoes are resilient pests that will not only ruin your outdoor experience, but also carry dangerous vector-borne diseases. It could be that ONE bite that puts your health at risk! 


Our solution also helps treat the spider population - great for waterfront homes or homes with a pond, gazebo, boathouses, piers and boat docks. Spiders love dark, undisturbed areas and where there is moisture.

Each treatment is applied by our licensed Applicators around your home and throughout your yard. This mosquito control solution eliminates mosquitoes on contact and continues working for up to 21 days.

Although the chemical we use does not break down easily with water, you may notice more mosquitoes on your property after heavy rainfall or continuous wet weather. Our solution also contains a sticking agent that helps the product from washing away from rain or sprinkler systems. Mosquitoes breed more rapidly when the environment is wet and humid. A mosquito can lay up to 300 eggs in just a cap full of water.​ 

We recommend starting a season treatment in May until the end of September. This also is typically known as the mosquito season for our part of the country. 

Our packages are designed to have continuous coverage all summer long. The more your yard is treated, along side some helpful tips found on our FAQ page, the less mosquitoes you will notice.


Every 2 Week Season Package

This package is the most effective for a continuous coverage all season. Treatments are applied every 14 days all summer long. Recommended for heavily wooded yards, properties near water (ponds, lakes, rivers, creeks) and for those that do not want any overlap in the reoccurrence of mosquitoes.

Every 3 Week Season Package

Treatments are applied every 21 days all summer long. This package is great for smaller properties with not a lot of foliage or concern for mosquito breeding but still has the mosquito presence around commonly used areas of the yard.

Special Event Treatment

This package is ideal for ANY Outdoor Special Event. We never want mosquitoes to be your party's "BUZZ KILL". This treatment could last up to about 30 days*

Mosquito Pros recommends 


a local Event Planning Company that brings lots of color and fun to any party. 

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Gift Cards

A Mosquito Pros gift card is perfect for any family that enjoys summer and the outdoors. Gift cards are available in any monetary amount and can be used on any package. *Contact us for more details and restrictions

All of these packages are great for outdoor weddings, graduations, BBQ's, birthday parties, picnics, neighborhood block parties!

We offer discounts to multi-home treatments *restrictions may apply

We spray residential, businesses, restaurants, park districts fields

Pricing & Payment

Pricing for each package is determined by the size of the property. Additional charges may apply for heavy foliage areas, heavily saturated properties or properties with landscaped ponds.

Full payment is due at the time of booking any package

50% down payment option is also available * some restrictions may apply



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